Contests and Promotions



Customers are the best choice spokesperson to represent Kingdom Passion. 

Why? Because it tells a true story. It allows our customers to really be a part of Kingdom Passion.

Not by just being a consumer, but being on the forefront of ads and publications.

So we extend this offer to you! All Kingdom Passion images sent in will be shared across our social media platforms and publications.

Only a few will be used as Premium KP Royaltees Selfies.

Those selected as PKRS (Premium KP Royaltees Selfies) will be given 50% off of their next purchase. Which is limited to 3 times per year.

Kingdom Rewards is quite simple. Here at Kingdom Passion, we are consumers first.

We love to shop! We also love to be rewarded. So we extend this offer to you.

If you purchase 10 shirts within 6 months - you will be rewarded with 10% purchase.

Excluding already discounted and promotional items.