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Essential oils: Lavender, Peppermint and Black Pepper.
Soap base: Goat's milk & Glycerin
Added oils: Almond oil

LUXE is a mild bar scented with natural essential oils. No fragrance oil, just natural oils from the earth and its fruit. A swanky combination of Lavender, Peppermint & Black Pepper. Yes! Black Pepper. This bar is a calming bar, good for any time of the day. It is delicate in scent and easy on the skin. Offering great cleansing properties but most of all full of moisturizing qualities for the skin. You won’t feel icky, sticky or like you just took an alcohol bath after using this bar. The natural ingredients in this bar exude moisture and balance for your skin.

Stay abreast of updates for the blog post describing why we made the LUXE Bar

This soap typically weighs 7oz. It is labeled 6oz because the size, weight and shape of the soap may vary due to it being handled by hand and not a machine. For shipping purposes all soaps in the store will be listed as their assumed weight to ensure no delay in shipping.

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